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. a long-time friend of ours. >> well deserved. >> coming up next vail resorts ceo rob katz. [ male announcer ] you build a reputation by not breaking down. consider the silverado 1500 -- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. get 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $1,000 bonus cash. plus trade up for an additional $1,000. from outstanding value to standing the test of time, chevy runs deep. winter storm draco moving across. rob, it is prime season. what are your expectations as it gets started? >> well, really terrific. we've gotten over two feet of snow at all of our colorado resorts dumping snow in tahoe for the last couple weeks so the climate really here has changed. we've seen a big shift from a tougher early season and a really strong experience, incredible conditions right now for christmas. >> and i understand you're also going to be opening a new gondola. has that begun and did you have to te
? >> yes, i do. i think rob's right. if we go past january 1, that's not a problem necessarily, people think this will be resolved by january 15th. but if we go past january 1 and we don't see any resolution in sight, people are thinking it might be months before we resolve a possibility. the psychological impact would be quite large. >> are you a fan, rob, of say we get some sort of framework that does, i mean for a long time, we keep kicking the can, keep kicking the can, a lot of people would settle for some can kicking now, even if it pushed the harder conversation into the summertime. is that what's going to happen? would that be okay? >> i suspect it will. i'm quite, i would say pessimistic about getting at the real issue. the real issue, as greg alluded to, is medical costs in entitlements in the medium term. insurance rates, pharmaceutical monopolies, hospitalization monopolies, are the essence of the problem. all you have to do is look at every other industrial country. we pay almost double for care that's ranked 37th in the world by the world health organization. getting at t
for a comeback in the new year. he is rob kind letter, global head of mergers and acquisitions at morgan stanley. nice to have you back. >> good to be here, david. >> suddenly seeing a spate of dealmaking. i don't want to make too much of t seeing fairly significant transactions the last part of the year. why? >> these have been in the works for a couple of months. people try to time deals to get done kind of at the end of the year. >> announcements. not going to close any of these. not fiscal cliff related? >> not at all. these aren't driven by tax law changes. these things have been in the works, strategic deals. this deal announced this morning with ice and the new york stock exchange, obviously a visionary deal. my perspective it is interesting. last year i was advising the new york stock exchange on its other side of a bid by nasdaq and ice, big issues because of the listing side of it. >> helping them on the defense of the hostile bid while pursuing the deutsche borse. which fell apart. we did see that deal today. not too make too much of it or a sign that 2013 may be an up year versus 201
dissension. >> meg was just a board member at the time. only member of the board who was not there was rob. we're going to talk about hp. i know consistently and i will be interested to see whether the theme that was brought a week ago when he decided to write this piece on deal book is going to start to gain currency. do you split the company? >> balance sheet is very important here. i don't know if you can. >> it's hard. it would take a long time. in these kind of things either you are for keeping the company together or then you're not. it can change quickly. you can't just say we're thinking about it. >> not to mention one last point here. anything they do strat edgicaeg from now on will be suspect. it's hard to convince people they can do anything at this point. >> you have to be a second-guessing pig here. >> second, third, fourth, fifth, it will go on. it's tough. >> banks beware. one in three americans would consider a mortgage from walmart and almost half from paypal. the problem, neither of those companies even offer mortgages brings us to this morning's squawk on the tweet. supp
information. remember at last week's meeting, we had secretary geithner in the room, rob nabors, the chief white house liaison to capitol hill, along with speaker boehner and one of his aides. that gave me a sense that they were getting down to a fairly specific level of details. just the two principles, the president and speaker, you'd expect more of a generalities in terms of the conversation. so we're going to be looking for that. and also, who scheduled this meeting? it was a surprise to all of us here in washington. it was not something that was telegraphed in advance. so a surprise meeting but things are moving pretty fast on the fiscal cliff talks. >> that's important color eamon. thank you for that. with a week left to go until christmas eve retailers are prepping for a critical final seven days. iconix brand group ceo neil cole joins our courtney reagan. >> thank you very much. iconix brand group may not be a household name. its brands certainly. iconix hands candy's, i could go on and on. there are more and more. neil cole is the ceo of iconix group. thank you for being here with
should be banned. it was coined to make the wealthy sound like economic saviors. rob writes it really means i'm about to disrespect you. and armando writes i'm moderately optimistic because that is the epitome of getting nothing done. get rid of them all, that's my attitude. start some new ones. you have a busy night tonight. >> as you heard john harwood just saying, it might be hours until we actually get something done so we'll be on fiscal cliff watch on fast money. hopefully we'll have a deal to talk about. it's also about 2013 trades. predictions on the commodity front. top trade in the internet space. all of our traders will be prepared to give their top trades, as well. and of course we have broadcasting tonight in times square, heart of the biggest party in the universe. >> good luck getting home. >> really. >> have a great new year. >> thank you. you, too. >> we'll see you in 2013. here's what you missed if you're just tuning in. >>> welcome to hour three of "squawk on the street." here's what's happening so far. >> the real question is whether or not the president will weigh
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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